Radio Server Number 1 has now changed to a different IP Address because our host inception has said I needed to change over because of network reasons.

New IP Address is

Still the same port number 8000.

Relay stream has to adjusted to match new address.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dean Hodgson

Updated as of 20-04-2023:

Now back online under a new IP address here >
Currently testing a new 320kbps stream with max of 15 listening slots. wink


My host has decided to pull my VPS offline and I'm unable to recover the same IP Address.

At this moment Radio Server 2 is offline until further notice.

More updates will follow soon.

Dean Hodgson.

Now back online


Radio server 3 is offline until emergency maintenance is completed on the server. Hopefully I should be able to bring radio server 3 back online within the next 48 hours.

Updates will follow if it takes any longer.

Maintenance has now been completed.

Radio server 2 is now back online and running with new shows.

Sorry for the delay.

26.06.21 - 18:31

Notice: Offline 24.06.2021 at 17:00 for 24 Hours - Radio server 2 will be going offline for maintenance.

Update 29.03.21 - Radio Server Number 1 is back online at a new address listed below.

Relay 1 is now also back online  (SHOUTcast v1) 25 Listeners - 128bkps MP3 - [1 Slot Taken For Relay Permanently]

I have taken down radio server 1 and relay 1 offline, while I move to a new host. Unfortunately currently host decided to close his node. Update will follow soon.

I’m shutting down radio server 1 - relay 2 permanently. It is longer be beneficial to have 2 relays for the same radio stream.


Dean Hodgson

I’m taking radio server 4 offline while I investigate why the stream keeps shutting down by itself. If it is an issue with the node than I will need to move to a new IP address.  I will post an update soon.

Offline: 09.01.2021
Online: 10.01.2021
Offline: 26.01.2021
Online: 18.01.2021
Offline: 18.01.2022 - 14:00
Online: 24.01.2021
New IP Address:

Update: (18.01.2021) - I have taken down the stream again. I’m investigating the issue around the stream going offline constantly. At the moment am trying a test stream on old VPS server with fresh audio files from a better source. Hopefully it will run better than last time and I could go back to using old IP address, depending if the test is successfully. Update will follow soon.

Update 2: (24.01.2021) - After running new test stream for few days and using audio files from new source. I’m please to say radio server 4 is now back streaming with no errors in SHOUTcast logs either.

Radio Server 4 - House Channel (Live Sets)

Is Now Online!

smile Enjoy

Also Added: New webpage.
Links to all the radio's across the network. All in one page.
Making it's now easier and clearer to understand.


Hello smile

Radio Server 3 Scouse House has a new IP address which is still on port 8000.


Sorry for any inconvenience

Dean Hodgson

Unfortunately trance stream is down. Due to on going issue with the host. Hopefully have it back up and running as soon as possible.


Update: Issues with hardware errors caused server to reboot a few times, when the engineers was trying to fix it. I been told this has now been resolved.

I have put radio server 1 relay 2 back online with Address to my own deanhodgson.co.uk address. This now can be accessed at port 8000

Full URL: http://deanhodgson.co.uk:8000 or http://www.deanhodgson.co.uk/radio

Made the quick decision to move radio server 1 to a new UK server because the current host is unable to keep server up and is constantly rebooting server. I have taken quick action to move data now. A new IP address with be change on the main webpage and on the forum. Should be online within next couple of minutes.

New IP Address:

Update: Server Now Online 01-03-20 10.03am

Unfortunately my host has decided to shut down the business and that means radio server 1 relay 2 will be shutting down. I’m in process of looking for alternative provider.

More information will be posted, as soon as I can find new server.

The server migration is now completed. Radio server 1 is now online and up. Along with Relay server 1 and Relay server 2 are both online and up


I had no choice but to do a Server migration on radio server 1 because the equipment isn’t up to the standard I need to run a stream. Special thanks to AlphaVPS for giving option to host with them with better price and hardware.
Radio server 1 will go offline and come back online with new IP Address

Old Address:
New Address:

The new server is in London UK. So all our UK listeners will have a good ping and connection speed to the server. Updates will follow soon as it’s completed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Now finished and completed.

Radio server 1 is back online

Going to have to perform planned maintenance on radio server number 1 on the 4th of January 2020 at 0000 midnight GMT UK Time. Server has an unusual high RAM usage at the moment.  Maintenance could take between 15-30minutes, if everything runs smoothly. Will make an announcement when it is back online. wink

I'm really happy.

I managed to get radio server 3 online early, all ready for your listening pleasure.
The server has 25 slots available at same bitrate as always 128kbps in MP3.
A great collection of scouse house, euro dance and total cheese playing now 24-7

Here link to new server

Updated radio information topic to include the 3rd server details. smile


It's been long time since last updated the forum with radio information.
Well I'm looking at adding a 5th SHOUTcast v1 radio to my existing network.
Server will have a huge 55GB of disk space. 
Special thanks to cyclone servers for hooking us up with a good deal with massive 1TB of traffic on 1Gbit Port (Shared)
This will be ready hopefully by the new year in January 2020

Any suggestions for music to be added to the server are welcome to post in here or email myself me@deanhodgson.co.uk

Results :

128 kbps with 25 listeners for 1 Month (2592000 seconds) uses 988.77 GB (1012500.00 MB) of bandwidth

Update: All 5 servers now live and currently online 19-02-21

Update v2: All 5 servers now live and currently online 20-04-2023

Update V3: New Server IP Address for Radio Number 1 (Live Sets).
All 5 servers now live and currently online 20-01-24


I been working on adding an additional relay’s for radio server 1 and I'm please to say it is now live.

Radio Server Number 1 - Main Channel (Live Sets) [NEW SERVER IP ADDRESS] Now Live  (SHOUTcast v1) 25 Listeners - 128kbps MP3 - [1 Slot Taken For Relay Permanently]

Radio Server Number 1 - Relaying Number 1 Now Live (SHOUTcast v2) 5 Listeners - 128kbps MP3

Radio Server Number 2 - Trance Channel (Live Sets) [NEW SERVER IP ADDRESS] Now Live (SHOUTcast v1) 15 Slots - BETA TESTING AT 320kbps MP3

Radio Server Number 3 - Scouse House [NEW SERVER IP ADDRESS] Now Live (SHOUTcast v1) 25 Slots - 128kbps MP3

[NEW] - Radio Server Number 4 - House Channel (Live Sets) Now Live  (SHOUTcast v1) 15 Listeners - 128bkps MP3

Total Slots: 84 Slots Available Across Radio Network (Updated: 20.01.24)